Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tea Parties and Great Big Sea

Today was the second day of classes; it went alright for the most part. However, I dropped Health Psychology as fast as the instructor could say: "This course will be hellish if you don't like group work". Yes, those were her exact words. Sorry folks, but I work hard for my GPA and come close to having an anyeurism anytime a fellow student takes a crack at it. So, I have yet to finalize my courses. Luckily, my feet were happy while the rest of me suffered through Health Psych, because last night I finished these:

Socks knit using my standard sock pattern and Sheepjes Invicta Coloris yarn, which was a gift from Mom last Christmas. This is my favorite sock yarn, I love the colours and the way it knits up. And thanks to Marie, I now have two more balls waiting in line to be knit up.

One thing about Smith that has amused me is the prevalence of the tea party on campus. Houses have formal teas every Friday afternoon, to which faculty are sometimes invited. In addition, tea is something that is frequently used as a social get together among Smith women. Last Saturday, it was the girl across the hall's birthday, and I found myself in her room with six other girls drinking tea and eating chocolate, which she had brought back from her Christmas travels to Switzerland. Not your usual Saturday night dorm-room party...

I also talked to a girl who lives on my floor, and it turns out that her absolute favorite band is Great Big Sea. She is from New Jersey, and was quite enthralled that I go to school in Newfoundland (to Alan Doyle's alma mater no less), and have seen them in concert. It also turns out that Great Big Sea is coming to Northampton in April. She has tickets but can't go, so guess who gets to be the lucky beneficiary! Well, I have many course syllabi to go through tonight, so that I can decide what my future will entail...


Heather MacDonald-Bossé said...

Okay, now I DEFINITELY want to go to Smith myself! Tea, knitting, chocolate and Great Big Sea... doesn't get a whole lot better than that!

BTW, I'm totally with you on the group work thing. It's not that we're antisocial, exactly, just suspicious. And a TAD on the control-freak end of the spectrum. (^_^)


Don Bosse said...

Hey Jess group work is ok if you can choose your own people. I do understand about working for your marks and not wanting to have to carry someone else. What course do you intend to take? Well must go do score study. Pretty heavy. It is like doing detective work except you don't know what you are looking for. I also have to learn a Latin song for Sunday. Conducting a womens choir. Know any good Latin web sites?

Talk to you soon.


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