Saturday, January 28, 2006


Last night was awesome. Did I mention before how much I love my team? This weekend, we're hosting our invitational tournament, and our first match was last night against Middlebury College. While we lost, a great time was had by all - the match was followed by Thai food and good team fun. Sometimes I like to think of the random events that brought me here. It was luck that I wound up on the squash team, that I didn't know my way around the gym and accidentally walked in on the varsity team meeting. It was lucky that the team captain worked as a door checker at the music building, where she encouraged me to go out for the team every time I went to go practice.

Now, I'm hooked on a sport that I enjoy more than anything else I've tried. Maybe it's because squash is so new to me that I see progress every day, and it's gratifying. Maybe it's because I get to think and strategize while I play, or because it's a team sport with a strong individual componenet. I alone am responsible for what goes on in my match, yet get to have the support of a team. Mentally and physically gratifying, it also has a social aspect that I was never able to experience while in highschool.

Enough about squash. My five weeks of total brain vegetation will be coming to an end on Monday, when classes start. I'm more than ready, although this break was nice as it was the first I've really had since summer before last. I still have to finalize my course load, although it will include a Health Psychology course, as well as a few plant courses. I'm looking forward to those, because we get to work in the amazing plant conservatory here at Smith. Well, it's beautiful and warm outside, so I'm off to enjoy the weather before heading to a squash match. Have a great weekend!

Lyman Plant Conservatory, Smith College

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Mike Bramble said...

Great to hear about your squash fun. I know exactly how you feel. For most of those sentences if you interchanged squash with organ then they'd explan my love for my art. Everytime at the Console I learn something new and laugh. Enjoy your last day before classes start again.