Monday, November 16, 2009


Stumbling across the following phrases has kept me amused while studying this week:
  • From an endocrine lecture: "To reduce your dietary intake of saturated fats, eat very little that had a mother."
  • In Lawrence General Surgery: "crackers and peanut butter" listed as a treatment for a surgical complication.
  • From a Gastrointestinal Review article: "Functional diarrhea is the neglected stepsister of IBS".
  • "ADCVAANDIML is a simple mnemonic to organize...." uh, right.

Please excuse the hastily taken photo!

I know it's exam time when:

  • MVN (medical variety night) is over. To see a clip of the musical medicine vs. surgery smackdown from our class skit, click here (the first 30 seconds are black).
  • I want to bury myself in a pile of sheepy wool, and fall blissfully asleep.
  • I suddenly start dreaming of the many, many complicated lace and cabled projects that I want to make. And I have the urge to start them all right now.
  • I attempt the above and fail miserably (note to self - do not try to learn and implement new techniques when tired and already learning-saturated!!!).
  • I spend too much time on Ravelry trolling for the perfect sock pattern - not lacy, slightly cabled.
  • I realise that all this time spent on Ravelry could have been spent knitting a plain ol' sock.
  • I give in and cast on said sock, and make a promise to myself to start interesting socks after exams. Ah, now that's better.