Friday, August 12, 2011

A Country Quilt for a Country Boy

I'm getting in married in two months, to a lovely boy from a small town in Quebec. He is the perfect match for me! He patiently comes with me to the quilt store, and our first time there he fell in love with this quilt. He and I dug through a box of scrap squares, and picked out enough to make this quilt. We both love the warm country colors and simple style of this quilt. Nothing fancy here, but it made us smile nonetheless.

M.E. gave me a quarter inch foot for my machine, and boy has it made piecing so much easier. I love that he takes an interest in what I do, he's even learned to use a rotary cutter, and likes to help with the layout :)

His mother is a quilt maker, and he grew up in a home with lots of lovingly made, beautiful quilts. We both dream of having a little farm someday, or a cozy house in the country with lots of handmade love inside.

We can't live in the same city because of our jobs, so it makes me feel better knowing that there's a quilt from me at the foot of his bed when we're apart.

 The pattern is called Country Patch, and it's made from scraps using some Kansas Troubles for the border. It's backed in flannel, and quilted in an all-over vine pattern.

My desire to knit had somewhat petered out, however these days I find it's been creeping back. I've started to troll Ravelry once again for patterns, and have a few new projects in mind:)

Thursday, August 04, 2011

You know you're a resident when...

You know you're a surgical resident when:
  • You wear your pager like it's the hottest new fashion accessory
  • You have a geriatric bedtime
  • You dream about colostomy bags and cheering when a patient passes poo for the first time
  • You think about having lunch while examining a big, gaping foul-smelling wound
  • You joke with your favorite old lady while wiping green stool off her stomach
  • A 70-hour work week is considered light
  • You can identify your patients by the smell outside the rooms
  • The dirty bedding in the call room doesn't matter because you're so tired you'd lay down anywhere
  • Putting in a chest tube is the highlight of your day
  • Your frequency of showering declines
  • You start chewing gum in the morning instead of brushing your teeth because it's faster
  • Coffee is your lifeblood
  • You wear the same scrubs for 48 hours
Despite spending 90 hours in the hospital this week, I have finished a quilt! I'm off this weekend, so hopefully there will be pictures to come:)