Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blessings in Disguise

When you're used to going flat out, slowing down can take some getting used to. One day last week I went to work, and a few hours later found myself admitted to hospital for four days. I was told I needed to take a month of sick leave. A whole month, as a medical resident, without working? My doctor pointed out that we expect things of ourselves that we would never ask of our patients. We expect to keep ourselves going when we're sick, to push ahead, to not leave our responsibilities to our peers. She told me this environment needs to change, that we need to start taking care of ourselves. It's hard to do, but in the end I was showered with support from my peers.

So, in the past week, I've been learning to slow down. Reminding myself that I don't need to speedwalk everywhere, that it's ok to lie on the couch and do nothing but rest and recover. Best of all, I'm appreciating the blessing in this. With a wedding coming up in 3 weeks, I have a time to spend with my family. Time to read for fun. And time to knit!

In fact, the kitting needles have been calling to me. In the past two weeks, I started and finished a scarf for a friend, and knit most of a sock. There were supposed to be photos, but I lost my camera cord. Instead, I'll leave you with this little project I finished a while back.

It's Duet, from knitty The yarn was given to my by my fiance, after he surreptitiously bought it for me on an outing to Cricket Cove in Blacks Harbour, NB, because "it looked like me". It's an angora/alpaca blend, so soft! The buttons were found at a discount store in the states. The photos don't do justice to the lacey pattern. It won't be long until it's cold enough to wear this!

Stay tuned for a new quilt:)

Photographed in Prospect, NS