Monday, November 16, 2009


Stumbling across the following phrases has kept me amused while studying this week:
  • From an endocrine lecture: "To reduce your dietary intake of saturated fats, eat very little that had a mother."
  • In Lawrence General Surgery: "crackers and peanut butter" listed as a treatment for a surgical complication.
  • From a Gastrointestinal Review article: "Functional diarrhea is the neglected stepsister of IBS".
  • "ADCVAANDIML is a simple mnemonic to organize...." uh, right.

Please excuse the hastily taken photo!

I know it's exam time when:

  • MVN (medical variety night) is over. To see a clip of the musical medicine vs. surgery smackdown from our class skit, click here (the first 30 seconds are black).
  • I want to bury myself in a pile of sheepy wool, and fall blissfully asleep.
  • I suddenly start dreaming of the many, many complicated lace and cabled projects that I want to make. And I have the urge to start them all right now.
  • I attempt the above and fail miserably (note to self - do not try to learn and implement new techniques when tired and already learning-saturated!!!).
  • I spend too much time on Ravelry trolling for the perfect sock pattern - not lacy, slightly cabled.
  • I realise that all this time spent on Ravelry could have been spent knitting a plain ol' sock.
  • I give in and cast on said sock, and make a promise to myself to start interesting socks after exams. Ah, now that's better.


Heather said...

Haha...that acronym is totally random! Too funny.

Great post.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess! Ha ha :) ... some very amusing revelations!! And definitely a few I can identify with, like curling up with a blanket and falling asleep... ah, bliss! You know what would be even better (and I know you'll appreciate this), is having a dog to curl up with under that blanket.

Anyway, much strength and peace to you in your final pre-clerkship exam period! You're an inspiration to those following behind.

Yarndude said...

Ugh, exam time indeed...

crochetgurl said...

Those socks look so pretty!

You know, your Gathered Pullover is what really hooked me onto your blog. I love how it looks on you. I started swatching last night for it too, and I want to make mine like yours. How exactly did you get the V to be less deep and wide?

Also, when you leave out the increases/decreases, do you just knit those stitches? (e.g. it says to ssk 5 times and to k2tog 5 times.) Do I knit 10 stitches for the ssk portion, and when I get to the k2tog portion, knit 10 stitches?

I noticed some people on Ravelry said they short-rowed the shoulders, but I'm not sure what that really means?


Devstar said...

I totally cracked up when I came across "don't eat anything that had a mother" in my notes too!

My studying has been following a similar pattern, only I keep falling asleep on my hammock and have an overwhelming urge to watch movies instead of study. Oh, and the chocolate consumption has been steadily increasing - thank goodness for our runs!

Eva said...

Jess I loved this post! Congrats on being elected btw! You beat out some very tough competition.

Yes what a plethora of socks you have faved! Every pair is so gorgeous though. Almost makes me want to turn to sock-knitting. :)

Don said...

Hi Jess,

enjoyed the youtube clip of your variety show. Dr.s are very musical. I am playing for the DR's Christmas party on the 3rd of Dec. Should be fun. Can't wait to have you home for the holidays:)

Good luck with the studying and exams.

crochetgurl said...

Thanks for the tips. I actually got a lot of it done over Thanksgiving weekend. Right now I'm chugging on the second sleeve. I ended up leaving 5 extra stitches for the left front (and hope to do so for the other front when I get there). Hopefully, that's enough?

Clumsy Knitter said...

Ah, there's nothing like finally casting on for fun projects after a grueling semester. LOVE IT!