Monday, July 25, 2011

Kiddos and Quilts

In our med school grad year book, I was voted "most likely to be found knitting socks instead of studying for her Royal College exams".  Indeed, I cranked out a pair of socks and two quilts while studying for my licensing exam. What they don't know is that all of this crafty business makes me study better... read 5 pages, knit 5 rows, and it all works out in the end.

The quilts I made were for my little cousins, who have to be the cutest 2 and 4 year olds I know. These were incredibly gratifying to quilt  and give.

Happy prints for a sweet girl.
The first quilt I made was for Holly, who loves to be wrapped in blankets and cuddle after her bath. It's from this pattern. It came together quite quickly, and I was initially afraid that it wouldn't be colorful enough but that wasn't the case!

Fabric: Love U by Deb Strain, Kona white

Hidden Hearts
I free-motion quilted this one in a meandering pattern, with a few hearts hidden along the way. The binding was pieced from scraps.

Holly loved her quilt. She apparently likes to get wrapped up in it and point out all of the little critters in the fabric.

Elliotts quilt was made from this pattern. I loved the vintage feel of the Lollipop line of fabric, and decided to pair it with brown sashing for a 70's vibe. This quilt was fun to make, and a great distraction from studying:)

This kid loves handmade stuff... when I was visiting he proudly pulled out a sweater my mom had knit him and lovingly pointed out the details. He then proclaimed, "but I never eat supper in it because it's too special to get dirty!".

What could be in here?
My very own quilt!
Mmm, soft and cozy :)
It was sad to move away from these guys, especially since they're growing up and changing so quickly. It made me feel better to leave something lasting behind with them. Elliott sleeps on his quilt every night, "warm (flannel) side up".

I saved scraps from the quilts and cut them into squares so that the kids could play a matching game with the quilt blocks. It was a hit!

Getting busy with matching
There will be more quilt pictures in the coming days, and hopefully some knitting ones too!


Heather said...

Oh my goodness, Jess, this post is positively overflowing with cuteness! The kids! The quilts! The kids WITH the quilts! It's too much.
These quilts will be treasured for years. Wonderful job, honey.

Yarndude said...

Wow, those quilts are awesome! I would have loved to have a hand-made quilt when I was a kid. (Or maybe it's just that now I would love to have a quilt from my childhood. Who knows.)

Devstar said...

Hey Jess! It's good to see you've revived the blog...hopefully this kicks me a little to do the same! The quilts both turned out so well (and I LOVE the matching game!) I think Elliot and Holly's expressions say it all :)


Marie said...

Two months later, Elliott and Holly are still quite enchanted with their new quilts. They show them to me every time I visit (which is about once a week...)
Miss you, Jessie,
Love, Marie