Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Jumping Right In

Today was the first day of class, and a stark kick in the pants that made it apparent that I've kissed the past laid-back and indulgent month of crafting goodbye. Soon, I will be relegated to mindless sock knitting in an attempt to stay sane... While extended holidays are good, they always make the abrupt return to crazy school life a bit more interesting.

When I was a kid, nothing was better than going back to school, and getting new school supplies. Oh, to have perfectly sharp pencils, new-smelling notebooks and duotangs with blank pages brimming with the possibility of perfection! And to meticulously put my name on everything with a black marker... type A perhaps?
I love September: it's the true new year, when it's still possible to do everything the way you want to. The weather is still warm, but with that fresh hint of crispness. The produce is cheap, local, and abundant. Even though I love the warmth and freedom of summer, there is something special about fall that just warms my heart.

Anyhow... in the spirit of fall, here's my first quilted "thing". It's supposed to be a table runner (using this pattern), but I doubt that it will ever be used in that capacity. The quilting itself was a bit of a disaster, as I ran into quite a bit of puckering despite best efforts. It seems less apparent after washing and drying, and I like it a lot more now that it's done. Hand sewing the binding on was definitely the most enjoyable part. For now, it will help make my study chair seem welcoming :)


Yarndude said...

I wish I had your optimism. :) Love your quilted "thing."

Eva said...

This is so cute Jess! You have been busily crafting I see. I have been such a slacker in comparison. :(

crochetgurl said...

Such a lovely quilt! I wish I could sew.

Are you in grad school?

Heather said...

I remember your first days of school (x 19 years now!), and I'm in full agreement with you about the thrill of the new school supplies and new beginnings. I love that feeling. Your mini-quilt looks cozy and perfect for these fresh & crispy fall days.

Marie said...

I think those of us who enjoyed school never lose the sense that September is the real start of the new year. Decades later, I still find September excuses to buy myself new paper, pens & pencils, binders, etc!

I am impressed that you made that little quilt so quickly!! Very cute. I think it will be quite versatile. It looks the perfect size to carry along on a bike ride...I see it stretched out on the grass while you take a break to eat your (farm-fresh) picnic lunch.

Love you,
Aunt Marie

Jacey said...

Quilting is something I greatly desire to learn. I can sew, but something about all the itty bitty pieces of fabric, and all the stitching intimidates me. Did you hand-quilt or machine-quilt this? Either way, it's lovely!