Tuesday, August 04, 2009


While walking home today, I ran into the librarian who taught me how to cross-stitch in the seventh grade, and she asked me if I was still at it. I no longer enjoy the process of doing cross-stitch, but last year my mom put me on to embroidery via Sublime Stitching. It's perfect when you're in the mood for something quick, different, and instantly gratifying, or need something mindless to do while chatting. I did this bib for one of my little cousins who's visiting.

The patterns are quirky, retro, and fun. Whenever I start one of these projects I find that I can't put it down until it's finished, probably because finishing it in one sitting is somewhere in the realm of possibility (unlike with knitting where I'm usually resigned to the fact that it won't all be done then and there!). Plus, the stitching reminds me of surgery...

This tutorial for box pouches caught my eye, and I decided to give it a whirl. I liked the way they turned out, so I made another longer one to replace my ratty old dollar store pencil case. I'd been lovingly saving that piece of brown fabric for about 10 years, and now it will make going to the library that much more exciting!

Homework Happiness!

There is still knitting going on here, partly the same old stuff, with a new project or two. Now it's off to Maine for some outdoor fun, and hopefully a farm visit:)

New projects, TBA!


Yarndude said...

To sum up, I love everything in this post. Including the new project TBA.

Don said...

Hey Jess,

Love the cases. They turned out so well. Maybe you are on to something new. Designer cases by Jess!

Good work.


Anonymous said...

Jessie, the cases are lovely!! I like both the smaller cases, particularly the blue one with daisy like flowers. And your "little cousin" will be delighted with her Bib! (Just guessing it's not for her brother...).

Love you,
Aunt Marie

Lynn said...

The pouches look so professional!! Now I'm convinced that you can do anything!!